Pelvic Floor Therapies

Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation (Pelvic Floor Therapy/ PFMR) is a non-surgical treatment used to increase bladder and bowel control in men and women by strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Combining a personalized home program with in-office therapy, treatment helps individuals regulate their bladders and bowels, giving them more control throughout the day, with fewer trips to the bathroom as well as improved sexual function ( in women).

During your Pelvic Floor evaluation, we assess the condition of the muscles around your bladder to create a personalized care plan to strengthen them, incorporating electro-stimulation of the pelvic floor nerves, muscles, and tissues.

Who Can Benefit From Pelvic Floor Therapy?

The Pelvic Floor consists of muscles that form a sling from the pubic bone to the tailbone. These muscles provide bladder and bowel control, and are responsible for anatomical positioning of inner organs in your lower pelvis.

With age or certain health conditions, these muscles begin to lose strength, elasticity, and flexibility. As a result, patients develop symptoms known as incontinence, which causes the bladder to leak urine at inopportune moments on the way to the bathroom or at random times, more so during laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping. Same etiology is also true in poor bowel control.

Individuals afflicted with weak pelvic floor muscles also complain of a strong and sudden urge to urinate or have a bowel movement but can’t get to the bathroom quick enough. For patients who experience symptoms of Overactive bladder, bowel urgency, night time frequency , Pelvic Floor Therapy helps to strengthen the surrounding muscle fibers and tissues, which restricts and prevents the uncontrolled release of urine and the bowels.

Benefits of
Pelvic Floor Therapy

  • Increased Bladder and Bowel Control
  • Fewer Bathroom Trips
  • Fewer Accidents
  • Treatment Is Non-invasive and Painless
  • 85% Success Rate
  • No Side Effects

At the Health and Beauty Integrative Center, we personalize therapy to match the individual needs of each patient, targeting specific muscles around the bladder and bowel to improve urinary and bowel function as well as sexual health.

How Does Pelvic Floor Therapy Work?

During your evaluation, we use precision equipment to determine the density and tone of the pelvic muscles. Once we identify weaker areas, we develop a personalized exercise plan with detailed muscle-strengthening instructions to increase bladder control in targeted muscles.
In office treatment with e-stim delivers painless currents of electricity to the area, improving signaling between nerves and the muscles, strengthening surrounding muscle groups. Stimulation at certain frequencies decreases muscle spasms associated with pelvic pain, bladder spasms, urgency in both women and men.
The bladder is a muscular organ capable of stretching and contracting. Certain health conditions may cause the bladder to stretch out, increasing its holding capacity or collapsing to decrease it. We utilize the appropriate pelvic floor therapy modality, in conjunction with biofeedback and behavioral therapies to retrain the bladder. This Increases bladder muscle strength and capacity which enables individuals to hold larger volumes of urine for longer, allowing for fewer bathroom stops.
An Active lifestyle, safe dietary habits, and proper medications can alleviate symptoms of urinary and/or fecal incontinence. These pillars decrease inflammation, irritation, and infection, while providing the nutrients your body needs to strengthen the pelvic floor area.

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