Intense Pulsed Light / Photofacial

IPL facial systems is another treatment modality that is effective, quick and easily tolerated that can also be combined with mesotherapy, PRP, IVs, and threads. It improves the texture and color of the skin. It may help with red, brown, or splotchy skin. It can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time. Unlike lasers, it sends out more than one wavelength of pulsating light. This light does not hurt other tissues, therefore, the recovery time is greatly shortened. 

IPL Treatment

It can undo some of the visible sun damaged areas most often located in the face, neck, chest, or hands.

IPL treatment

  • Fights acne by destroying acne causing bacteria
  • Stimulates collagen via light therapy vibration
  • Removes unwanted hair by targeting the pigment in the hair strands
  • Helps clear the skin by targeting collective dense pigment, zaps away hyperpigmentation 
  • Supports anti-aging
  • Tightens large pores via deep tissue vibration

What People Are Saying

Incredibly Skilled

“They are incredibly skilled, very knowledgeable, and you can tell they care about her patients. At their office everyone is very courteous and efficient. I have recommended them to my family and hope you will reach out to see how they can help you improve your health.”


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Highly Recommend

“I had a bit of a cold and went to this place last night to get an IV fluids and vitamins! Almost instant energy boost and much faster recovery. Going on a bike ride this morning! Highly recommend!”

Slava B.

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Warm and Welcoming

“The office is warm and welcoming, the front desk receptionists are helpful and knowledgeable and always happy to give you a cup of coffee, a smile and a next appointment”

Tamara F.

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