Nutrition Analysis
and Detox

Proper nutrition is key to preventing many diseases.

Nutrients are necessary to feed every cell and ensure all body systems are functioning properly.

Many common chronic conditions have a primary nutritional and/or toxin imbalance as a root cause.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutritional supplementation, functional medicine offers a tailored approach to address your individual metabolic needs. Testing can help gain an understanding of how nutritional imbalances may be impacting your health.

More About Analysis

According to Genova Laboratories, “There are various methods of assessing nutrient status, including intracellular and extracellular direct measurements, and measuring biological pathway markers that require specific nutrient cofactors for proper metabolism”.

That is why at Health and Beauty Integrative Center – we utilize micronutrient nutritional analysis to gain a complete picture of one’s metabolism, nutrient, and mineral deficiencies, and imbalances.

Knowing this information, many issues could be solved or prevented with precise dosing of appropriate vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

This information can also lead to precise, individualized nutritional planning and supplementation.

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Incredibly Skilled

“They are incredibly skilled, very knowledgeable, and you can tell they care about her patients. At their office everyone is very courteous and efficient. I have recommended them to my family and hope you will reach out to see how they can help you improve your health.”


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Highly Recommend

“I had a bit of a cold and went to this place last night to get an IV fluids and vitamins! Almost instant energy boost and much faster recovery. Going on a bike ride this morning! Highly recommend!”

Slava B.

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Warm and Welcoming

“The office is warm and welcoming, the front desk receptionists are helpful and knowledgeable and always happy to give you a cup of coffee, a smile and a next appointment”

Tamara F.

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